First Aid

I Need A Prescription For Effexor FirstAidIcon Kopa Priligy Online First Aid training is available without the CPR training.

Viagra 100 Mg Effectiveness Click here for First Aid with CPR/AED training.

follow site Our first aid and CPR classes are fully compliant with current Cipro 500mg For Sale ECC standards and OSHA requirements follow .  Every student works on their own CPR dummy.  We continually add new dates, so check our Fake Viagra Online schedule go to link for current classes.  class views (7) Participants will learn how to recognize an emergency, act appropriately, and respond with current first aid.  The cost is $40.  The class is usually taught in a five to six hour format, and can be tailored.

First aid cards are issued with a two year expiration date, in accordance with the 2015 global first aid standards updates.


Fees include book, certification cards, and materials:cut finger

  • Initial assessment and emergency response
  • Controlling Bleeding
  • Managing Shock
  • Proper Movement Techniques
  • Sudden Illness (Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetic Emergencies, Asthma, Allergies, and more)
  • Injuries (Fractures, Sprains, Strains, and more)
  • Handling Head and Spinal Injuries
  • Poisoning
  • Burns
  • Heat Illness and Cold Injuries
  • Choking
  • Proper Use of Bandages, Splints, and First Aid Supplies
  • Making a First Aid Kit
  • Lots of practice !

The certification agency is National Safety Council.


Colorado First Aid would like to schedule more classes.  Do you want to host a session?  To teach the first aid (no CPR) program we need 5 to 6 hours and will come to your location.

Note:  We prefer this as a one or two session class…we have observed participants do not learn as well if this class is broken up into too many sessions.  Trust us on this one!  Here is a page to ask a question or request a class for your group.