Hands Only CPR

In 2005 the recommendation of “Hands Only” CPR was announced for UNTRAINED responders.

If a family member or bystander observes someone collapse and stop breathing then they are to start CPR compressions as best as they can…studies verify that untrained responders provide enough correct compressions which will increase the chances of victim survival.

During 2000-20010, US and European studies verify that only 1 out of 5 adult victims who collapsed in front of family or bystanders received assistance before the ambulance arrived.  In four out of five cases there was no assistance or CPR attempted.  The “Hands Only CPR” policy is intended to improve this appalling statistic.

Trained CPR volunteers are encouraged to provide both breaths and compressions.  However, these volunteers can still choose the option to provide compressions only (rapid EMS response area, choose not to provide breaths, no face shield or pocket mask available, known disease situation, etc…).

Colorado First Aid teaches the full implementation of CPR, which include compressions and breathing for the trained CPR responder.  This is aligned with current CPR global protocols revised in 2010 and 2015.

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